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  2. Safety measure

Safety measure

  • Alcohol disinfectant

    Alcohol disinfectant is installed in this facility.
    Large Communal Bath
    Breakfast venue

    We are striving to provide safe and secure environmental equipment that is easier for customers to use.
  • Checking the physical condition of employees, wearing masks, and measuring the temperature of customers

    We thoroughly check the temperature of employees and disinfect their fingers when they wear masks and work every day.

    Customers are requested to measure the temperature at check-in. ..
    *If you are not feeling well, or if you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, you may not be allowed to stay.

    *Customers using Go To Travel are verifying their identity.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Elevator disinfection
    We disinfect elevator buttons on a regular basis.
  • Elevator disinfection
    We disinfect elevator buttons on a regular basis.
  • Guest room cleaning
    Guest room cleaning
    Alcohol disinfection is performed every day when cleaning.
  • Guest room cleaning
    Light switch disinfection
  • Guest room cleaning
    TV remote control disinfection
  • Guest room cleaning
    Disinfection around the bathtub
  • Guest room ventilation
    Ventilated and cleaned.
  • Guest room corridor ventilation
    Guest room corridor Ventilated and cleaned
  • Social distance
    You can line up at sufficient intervals when you check in.
  • Splash prevention
    The front desk has a partition with an acrylic plate to prevent splash infection.
  • Room key

    We disinfect the room key.
  • Breakfast venue

    Breakfast is well separated from customers(Acrylic board is installed)

    Breakfast will be served as a set menu.
  • Large bath entrance disinfectant
    A disinfectant is installed at the entrance of the large public bath.
  • Large public bath
    The number of people in the large public bath is limited.
  • Elevator social distance

    The number of people at the elevator is limited.
  • Lobby ventilation

    We are ventilating the lobby