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  2. Free rental exhibition

Free rental exhibition

  • 10 types of sleep pillows

    • new 10 types of pillows to choose from

      You can choose the pillow that suits you
      ・New King's Dream Pillow(Pursuing ideal sleep with ultra-small beads)
      ・Memory Foam Health Pillow ("Ideal Sleep" with Unique Ergonomic Indentation Design)
      ・Chiropractic Pillow 2 (Chiropractic, neck and shoulders are "the most comfortable pillow" while sleeping)
      ・Snoring pillow(Raise your chin to open the trajectory and make breathing easier)
      ・Memory foam pillow(High / low)
      ・Microfiber pillow(Hotel specifications / soft)
      ・Gel pillow
      ・Pipe pillow
      ・Buckwheat husk pillow
    • Rental items are limited in number.

      Selectable pillows, kettles, mobile chargers, humidifiers, curling irons, electric blankets
    • Mobile phone charger

    • humidifier

    • trouser presser

    • Air cleaner

    • Electric blanket, memory foam pillow

    • Iron

    • Sewing set

    • Electric kettle

    • bicycle

  • Free Front Desk amenities

    • Please bring it freely.

      *Toothbrushes and cotton swabs are available in the room.

      Ice machine・ ・ ・Ice will be handed over at the front desk.
  • Products for sale

    • *Tax-included price

      We sell it at the front desk.

      Detergent 50 yen/Soap 80 yen/Beard shaving 200 yen/Bath agent 50 yen/Body towel 50 yen/Sleeping goods (earplugs) 500 yen/Umbrella 500 yen/Travel toothbrush 350 yen/Face care set 200 yen
  • vending machine

    • Place 1F

      Soft drinks and cup noodles